Tonalmotion is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded by Liz Gerring and Michael Schumacher in Fall 2003. It is devoted to the exploration of sound and movement. It's mission is to foster and cultivate community appreciation for the performing, visual, musical, dance and emerging art forms. It's current programs are centered around Diapason Gallery and The LizGerring Dance Company.

Tonalmotion, Inc.
1026 6th Avenue, 2nd South,
New York, NY, 10018

telephone 212-719-4393
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A brief history of the organization:

In April 2001, Liz and Michael co-founded Diapason, a dance studio and sound gallery on 6th Avenue and 38th Street in New York City.  Diapason focuses on the integration of sound and movement with contemporary technologies. It presents a curated public presentation series by Michael Schumacher of multi-channel sound works. In the Fall of 2003 Diapason Gallery was incorporated into the new non-profit organization Tonal Motion Inc., a 501(c)3 formed by Gerring and Schumacher. Tonal Motion will continue the activities of Liz Gerring Dance and Diapason Gallery, expanding the programs and activities they offer to the public.

A brief history of it's founders:

Liz Gerring - president Tonalmotion, Inc.:
Liz Gerring Radke was born in San Francisco and raised in Los Angeles where she began studying modern dance at age 11 and ballet at 13.  She studied dance at the Cornish Institute in Seattle in her teens and received a B.F.A. from the Juilliard School in 1987, where she studied with Kazuko Hirabayashi and Doris Rudko.  Liz has been working as a choreographer in New York City since 1993. In March 1998, she presented her first installation piece, a four-hour movement solo.  She founded Liz Gerring Dance in 2000. She has developed numerous works along with composer Michael J. Schumacher over the last several years. Liz lives in New York City with her husband Kirk and their two children.

Michael Schumacher - vice-president & treasurer Tonalmotion, Inc.:
Born 1961 in Washington, DC. Piano studies with Seymour Bernstein, John Ogdon, Shigeo Neriki. Composition studies with Stan Applebaum, Bernhard Heiden, John Eaton, Vincent Persichetti and La Monte Young. Degrees in Composition from Indiana University, Bloomington (1982) and The Juilliard School (1988).
Musical Experience: Composer, Pianist, Guitarist, Teacher, Studio Engineer, Concert Producer and Curator, Computer Music Programmer (Max/MSP, SuperCollider, CSound); In 1996, with Ursula Scherrer, founded Studio Five Beekman, a sound and intermedia gallery. In 2001, with Liz Gerring, founded Diapason, a sound and intermedia gallery. Schumacher is a recipient of the Foundation of Contemporary Performance Arts fellowship of 2001.